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Composer / Arranger

Yuki started to play guitar at the age of 13 years. From back then, his expressive performance had been highly evaluated and hold the stage of YAMAHA Teen's Music Festival 2002 as a youngest performer in the finals. ​

Upon graduation from junior high, started to study various styles of music under Hiroki Hasegawa. Years later, began to learn composition in Koyo Conservatory (Kobe, Japan).  


Yuki received a world scholarship from Berklee College of Music (Massachusetts, US), he then moved to Boston to study Film scoring. He was awarded the college's Academy Awards in 2010.

After graduating from the college, Yuki moved to New York and started his career as a professional composer for motion pictures.


Educational Background :

Koyo Conservatory, Kobe Japan

B.M. in Film Scoring, Berklee College of Music

"His music is beautiful and really elevated the visuals to a whole other level"

                                                             - James Andrew Sands, producer, New York

"Yuki's music shows talent, range, creativity and most importantly passion. If you have need of his artistry, I would highly recommend him."

                                                             - Nina Martinek, Writer/ Film director, New York

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